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FIT Building 1-208, Tsinghua University

Beijing, 100084


Tel: +1 814-441-5511

In Future

We believe

Vision of

The lab

        Certain shifts in the technology bring with them a potential for revolution in human’s lifestyle or even the whole society. The importance lays in seeking the technological shifts in a vast of potential technologies before they are revealed by the broad masses of other researchers. To excavate them, I prefer the way of retrodicting the enabler technology through the future we envision and believe:

  • We respect the mystery of brain and envision that we can make machines infinitely close to human-like learning capabilities.

  • We envision that the implanted devices can fundamentally change the way of measuring medical parameters and elongate the human life.

  • We envision that the self-driving technology can come true, which then can change the lifestyle, and even the housing prices of the cities.

        With these visions in mind, I come back from US. to China Tsinghua Univeristy in 2018 to found the ArChip Lab, where I believe in vertical research methodologies - from algorithms, architecture down to chips.

        If you believe in similar visions, you are welcome to join us !



EDAA Outstanding Dissertation ​Award

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